Nostalgia for Yesterday

by Conner Nyberg

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My sophomore demo album!

Special thanks to TheDyingSun for the awesome cover art, along with Mike Carmet and Henry Eyes for participating in the music magic.


released December 6, 2019

"I Hate People Like Us" - written by Owen Otto, an excellent songster. Check out his stuff.




littlbox Winston Salem, North Carolina

Just a square peg in a round hole.

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Track Name: Reflektion
standing sideways on my rearview mirror
your reflektion's perpendicular with mine
we can see but we can't touch
like those pictures of the alps
but someday i'll be next to you

and i'd never ask a question
with an answer you don't know
but how long before we pack our things and go

sixteen different directions
and you keep repeating "keep on forward"
where the sunlight hits the glass
i am stuck and cannot pass
or read what i have written backwards
Track Name: Carribean Dream
carribean dream
a sanctuary for the reality of a post-suburban life

try to relax
don't overthink things
don't be the thing that keeps you up at night
Track Name: Happy Marching People
happy marching people
marching thru the street
happy marching people
get a bite to eat
happy marching people
have a vacant stare
happy marching people
marching everywhere

don't look at me
like i'm a monster
don't look at me
like i'm a freak
don't look at me
if you can help it
i only want to wreak

happy marching people
marching in a line
happy marching people
taking all their time
happy marching people
marching in a row
happy marching people
look how far they go

you can't be the one to know
how far we have come
and far we will go
we're happy marching people

i can't believe
this is gonna happen
i can't believe
no one's gonna stop
i can't believe
nothing really matters
i can't believe this will happen
Track Name: Block The Fire Escape
you block the fire escape and now there's no way out of here
and you tell me it's fine but i know that i'm out of my mind
i spend my time on the web but i find no answer

i get so fired up
but i tell myself it's not enough
to be myself
i'm not here anymore

now i'm feeling the pages near the end
why'd you have to pretend to be my friend
i thought things would turn out better
what do i know
Track Name: I Hate People Like Us
Look at them walking down the street hand in hand
They stop to kiss any time they can
Enjoying all of the stares
From fools who keep tryin’ not to care
Like I did until I met you

Oh I hate people like us
I hate people like us

Yesterday I’d sit at my cafe
Nose in book to block my eyes
From beneath the lamplight outside
Never knowing I’d be the man holding her
Not the one who’s jealous

It’s like those movies on TV late at night
Two lovers colorized from the black and white
The star has big brown eyes and soft pale skin
But I shake my head this could never happen

Look at us in this picture from that booth in the mall
You wear my shirt, I’ve got your glasses
Almost enjoying their stares
But I hope the me I used to be never finds this photo
Track Name: Tomorrow May Come
tomorrow may come
and i may still be here
but chances are that you'll be gone

you may collapse
and try to break my fingers
but chances are i'll still have one

and stick it in your face
here is not the place
the time is now so waste it

count on the sun
for it's the only way
that we can be so sure there's any light

try to relax
you tend to overthink things
and now you're always up at night

well what am i to do
pretend i still love you
it isn't fair to do that
Track Name: The Ride
i thought i had enough to get me by
but there you appear looking past my eyes
and for the first time i have to try

i take back every word i haven't said
i take another step and i break my leg
i'm flat on my face and i'm begging you
please keep dragging me along

so this is the ride
i just wish that i could have more fun
if this is the ride
something says that you're what i'm counting on

am i worth counting on
Track Name: Pyrotechnics
i'm watching as you set the world on fire
and as you pour on gasoline it keeps on getting higher

was it something that i said
i didn't mean to make you so upset

if i could only have a time machine
so i could tell you i love you
i didn't count on you disappearing so well

you remind me of a fern
but instead of growing you just watch the barnhouse burn

you must be losing your mind
cause pyrotechnics keep on taking up your time

i'm pretty sure it wasn't me
but if it was can i say i'm sorry

before my eyes
you're setting fire to the rain
and though it's physically impossible
i'm trynna feel your pain

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